Men’s Pink Road Running Shoes

Run smooth.

The first HOKA running shoes were designed the make running feel easier. They were lightweight, with plenty of cushion, geometries designed for a smooth ride, and a wide, supportive, stable platform.

These key features still carry over from our earliest development of men’s road racing shoes.

That means anybody can benefit. Whether you’re running 26.2 miles or to the end of your driveway, HOKA can help you get there in a pair of the best running shoes for men, tested by everyday runners and elite athletes alike.

See for yourself. Try a pair today and experience a smooth, cushioned ride every step of the way.

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EVO Carbon Rocket

  • Best For Road, Competition
  • Weight 7.30 oz
  • Heel-toe drop 1.00 mm
  • Stability

  • Neutral Allows the foot to adopt its natural placement.
  • Moderate
  • Stable
  • Cushion

  • Responsive Minimal cushion for a connected feel.
  • Balanced
  • Plush
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