A group of people running through a city street. A group of people running through a city street.
welcome to the hoka team
“Radical change often comes about in trying to solve a simple problem. Our original goal was to improve endurance race times by designing a shoe to go downhill faster. In doing so, we inadvertently reinvented the running shoe.”

Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud
The Alps at Dawn The Alps at Dawn
how it all started
Watch “The Rundown” and see how HOKA became, well, HOKA. Meet our founders and see how trying to solve a problem led to the creation of the brand you know and love.
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Where we're going
HOKA shoes were initially distinguished by their oversized midsoles; today they are designed with the same enhanced cushioning, inherent stability and problem-solving inspiration to meet the running, walking, fitness and outdoor needs of a wide variety of users. With a bold and often unexpected approach, HOKA empowers athletes of all levels to feel like they can fly.
A group of people running on a road.
what makes us different
A shoe on cushions.
cushioned midsole
Over the years, we’ve become synonymous with premium cushioning — and for good reason. We are constantly searching for lighter, more responsive and durable cushion that protects without compromising performance. This has allowed us to add faster, lighter shoes to our range.
A shoe balanced in a wheel.
Meta-Rocker, or wheels for your feet, is all about the geometry. We combine a low heel-toe drop, our unique-shaped midsoles and signature HOKA cushioning to complement a runner’s normal gait cycle and drive you forward.
A driver riding in a shoe.
active footframe
The Active Foot Frame beds the heel and foot deeply into the midsole, as opposed to sitting on top. This means that every HOKA shoe offers guidance without the need for posts or other constricting elements. The Active Foot Frame functions like a bucket seat in a racecar by cradling and supporting your foot.
30Day Guarantee Image 30Day Guarantee Image
30Day Guarantee Image
time to fly™ 30-day guarantee
We can promise a lot, but we encourage you to simply try on a pair of HOKA shoes to experience the difference - then run in them. As we like to say at HOKA, "Why run when you can fly?"
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