The Bondi 6 is a running shoe unlike any other. From the moment we introduced it, the Bondi has captivated runners with its maximal cushion and insanely light weight. Some might even compare it to running on a marshmallow. And we’d agree. The Bondi 6 has marshmallow-soft cushion with marshmallow-light weight. For the sixth edition, we’ve further enhanced our Meta-Rocker technology and designed a more breathable upper for a smoother ride from start to finish. Just try on the Bondi 6 and see why it’s our sweetest cushion.

Bondi 1

The original Bondi was the first of its kind. A lightweight, maximally cushioned running shoe that gave runners a plush, smooth ride on every run.

Image of the Bondi 1

Bondi 2

An Evolution of the original Bondi, the "2" featured a new lightweight mesh upper.

Image of the Bondi 2

Bondi 3

The Bondi 3 took it one step futher by using more adaptive materials in the upper.

Image of the Bondi 3

Bondi 4

The Bondi 4 had an improved fit, was more durable and featured a more comfortable upper.

Image of the Bondi 4

Bondi 5

The Bondi 5 got a sleek new design, increased breathability and a more accommodating toe box.

Image of the Bondi 5