Punishment turned lifestyle – HOKA ONE ONE® blog I Inspiration for runners

“Running had started as a way to compete against myself, and it turned into a way of life. I was not always a runner. In fact, running used to be about my least favorite thing to do. As a college baseball player, running was a punishment for us. It wasn’t until after college that the sport entered my life. My wife convinced me to run a half marathon in 2011. By 2012, I had completed my first marathon; in 2014, my first ultra; and in 2016, a run on foot across America. My life has been forever changed by running and the incredible people I’ve met within the running community. When I go for a run, I am completely absorbed into the beauty of the world around me. And running in HOKA makes me feel like I am floating on the surface of the earth. Each and every run is a special opportunity to explore the beauty of the earth around me while the miles float by.” – HOKA Ambassador Adam Kimble

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