Why I Run with David Melly

David Melly is a middle- and long-distance runner from Boston, MA. He is a graduate of Cornell University, currently competes for Tracksmith’s Hare AC, and has personal bests of 4:06 (1 mile), 14:15 (5000), 8:51 (steeplechase), 65:14 (HM), and 2:21:59 (marathon). David is also the host of the Run Your Mouth podcast and a staff writer Read More


Meet JP Alipio. One of the founders of the Cordillera Conservation Trust a Mountain Conservation organization based in the Philippines that works with communities through outdoor and adventure activities for the conservation of the wild spaces. The Cordillera Mountain Ultra (CMU), a 50km trail race that goes around some of the most beautiful mountain ridges, forests, Read More


If you’ve been feeling a little cooped up lately, chances are your four-legged friend feels the same way. After a while, those walks to the park for a game of fetch might feel like a missed opportunity to get even more active. You might want to try a dog jog. Running with your dog is Read More

Snacking Tips from HOKA NJNY Track Club Nutritionist Amy Stephens

My name’s Amy Stephens, team nutritionist for the HOKA NJNY Track Club, and this is my first post! Our club is coached by legendary coach Frank Gagliano, Tommy Nohilly and John Trautman, and comprises an elite group of mid-distance runners. I’ve been practicing nutrition for over 20 years in NYC, specializing in diabetes and sports nutrition. Read More

HOKA NJNY Track Club’s Favorite Meals

My name’s Amy Stephens, team nutritionist for the HOKA NJNY Track Club. I’ve been practicing nutrition for over 20 years in NYC, specializing in diabetes and sports nutrition. When I’m not serving the team, I’m running marathons and ultra marathons. I’ve discovered how important the right food is to: help you run fast, facilitate recovery, and move on Read More

A Big, Long Day: The Fastest Known Time on the Everest Base Camp Trail

Author’s Note: This is an abridged version of the original post, which includes a good bit more detail, particularly about the attempt itself. If you’ve got 20 minutes, I’d recommend checking that out: https://www.chaski.run/post/ebc-fkt I start at 12:06am. Only the town mutts notice, arfing as I walk to the arch that marks the start of Read More