This workout is called an Osslerian Fartlek. It’s basically an interval workout where you are changing paces during the hard intervals. So, today we (my teammates Sid Vaughn, Matt Baxter, and myself) did 6 X 3 minute intervals.

1st minute: 10K effort (4:30-4:35 pace)

2nd minute: 5K effort (4:20-4:24 pace)

Next 30 seconds: 3K effort  (about 4:15 pace)

Last 30 seconds: Surge

In between the intervals we jogged easy for 3 minutes.


The purpose of this workout is to prepare us to race. Ok, that’s a little too obvious. But seriously, it’s a race specific session in a number of ways.

This workout teaches you to be smooth at a quick pace and forces you to work on staying smooth even as the pace increases. It also teaches you to surge even when you aren’t feeling good — hopefully equipping you with the ability to both make really hard moves to break open a race and cover moves that other people make.

More simply, this workout is really hard. You really have to dig to hit this session, so I laced up my EVO Carbon Rockets and tried to crush.


  • .66 miles, 4:30 pace
  • .67 miles, 4:25 pace
  • .68 miles, 4:24 pace
  • .66 miles, 4:33 pace
  • .68 miles, 4:23 pace
  • .67 miles, 4:25 pace

I definitely wouldn’t have run this workout as well if it weren’t for the help of my teammates, Sid and Matt. We took turns leading and on the last three our coach, Ben Rosario, let us get competitive and really race each other. We all definitely pushed each other to a higher level today.

I think 16 year old Scott would have seen this workout on the schedule and gotten overly excited. He would have attacked the first rep way too hard and would have been fried on the later intervals. Now, I still want to have that desire to attack and really push and hammer these types of workouts but I now have the experience to use my energy more effectively.

Similarly, my advice to high school runners is to always make sure the sport is fun. Never lose the joy and motivation to run really hard. But, listen to your coaches and teammates and try really hard to learn about how to be the best runner that YOU can be.

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