Sage Canaday November 14, 1985 Boulder, Colorado



Sage was born and raised in the sticks of NW Oregon. He ran NCAA Division I at Cornell University where he was the Ivy League Conference Champion at 10km and also qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon at the age of 21. Upon graduation, Sage ran professionally for 2 years on the roads and became a MUT (Mountain-Ultra-Trail) Runner in 2012. Sage likes to mix it up with anything from 10km to 100 miles now in terms of race distance.


Why do you choose HOKA?

New, innovative start-up companies excite me! I like the versatility of shoes, the passion and dedication of the employees, and the growth that the brand is projecting.

What is your favorite HOKA ONE ONE shoe and why?

The Speedgoat is my favorite because of the excellent traction it has in a wide variety of trail conditions. It works well in wet conditions on rocks, dirt, and even pavement. Such great traction and protection is hard to find in a shoe that is also relatively lightweight! I love it for trail races and ultras because of this versatility.

Where is your favorite place to run?

Outside of Aspen Colorado in the summer on the Maroon Bells 4-pass (mountain) trail loop.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals?

I like to sleep in as late as possible two days before the race. I can never sleep very well the night before a race so I figure the more time relaxing the day before the better!

Quirky habit while running?

In the mountains I’ll yell out loud “hey Mr. Mountain Lion” when I feel like I’m being watched.

Fun Facts

  • I can juggle and ride the unicycle
  • I’m a southpaw
  • I was a band geek in school – I played the alto saxophone for 7 years!
  • I was homeschooled for 2 years (4th and 5th grade)