Paul Terranova December 1, 1973 Austin, TX


Paul was born in Tennessee, grew up in New Jersey, and then moved to Texas and has been there ever since. He was the first person to finish the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and the Ironman World Championship in the same year (2012).


Why do you choose HOKA?

Since endeavoring upon the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (4 of the oldest 100 milers in the US over 11 weeks) in 2012, there is no other shoe that delivers the comfort and ride that HOKA does. My legs are SO thankful!!! ☺

What is your favorite HOKA ONE ONE shoe and why?

Racing: Challenger ATR – it’s rugged, light and stable in all trail conditions!

Training: Clifton and Bondi 4 – the ride is unbelievably smooth in both!!

Where is your favorite place to run?

Anywhere OUT of cell phone range!

Quirky habit while running?

This is more of a quirky habit after running/racing, but I like to get everything cleaned up and stowed away for the next race, must be the years of Army training in me. The acronym we used was PTFA, “Prepare To Fight Again.”

Piece of advice for someone just getting into running?

KEEP IT SIMPLE and make it as fun as possible whether you are running alone or with friends.

Fun Facts

  • Have a tapeworm named Jacques ;)
  • Love to read books checked out from the Austin public library.
  • Going on 11 phenomenal years of marriage!
  • Graduated from Cornell 14 years before Sage Canaday did :O
  • Just traded in a 5 year old double flip phone for one with a slide out keyboard!